The Top 4 Criteria For Organic Milk

Hormones were introduced in the USA for milk a few years ago. The United States Department of Agriculture has introduced four criteria for a milk to be considered to be organic.

1. Organic milk must come from cows that have not received antibiotics. if a cow becomes ill, it is removed from the herd and treated for illness away from the rest of the cows . This cow remains isolated for approximately a year, and then is tested several times prior to having its milk labeled as organic.

2. Cows must have access to a pasture. This rule tends make the consumer think of acres of land they see when they are traveling, with cows just roaming free. In actuality, the rule has no pasture size limit, so access to a pasture is purely up to the farmers’ discretion.

3. The cows that will produce organic milk will be free of Bovine Growth Hormones or BGH. The debate over the hormone falls within two thought camps. One thought camp believes that the hormone will negatively affect hormone levels in humans thus increasing some causes of hormone related cancers. The other camp of thought is that the hormone is in actuality a protein based one, and when entered into the human digestive tract, becomes dissolve by the acid in the stomach.

4. The cows must feed on food that is free of pesticides. There are reports that non-organic milk may contain similarly low levels of pesticide as well.

The guidelines for organic milk are in place to make the consumer feel safer in terms of what you are putting into your body.
Studies have shown that those who are concerned about insulin growth factors, is usually the motivation for the choice of organic milk. With all of th studies done up to date, there still remains no concrete proof that organic milk is better for the consumer, and that those who consume organic milk have lower levels of IGF due to organic milk.

Organic milk is said to be very tasty and healthy because it comes from cows that have been treated from birth with the utmost dignity and care. In addition the feed that the cows eat is free of pesticides which according to the organic farmers makes a great difference in taste.

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