The most popular cuisines of Cooking Recipes Websites

Cooking recipes websites are available for the whole world to see. Like its name, it contains many world’s best recipes from easy to hard level difficulty in the making process.

The recipes seem unique, delicate and creative designed. Not only heavy food but also snacks for kids to bring to school. It is usually themed and maybe your son loves his Mama’s Greatest Cookies-cookies. Cookies other than being so easy to make, it is also easy to be carried and to be eaten. Your son can even share the cookies with his best friends.


Another recipe of cooking recipes websites is the old-fashioned banana pudding. Pudding is always a great appetizer. To make this banana pudding, it takes approximately one hour, 40 minutes preparation and 20 minutes cook.

The ingredients that you need for making the old-fashioned banana pudding are one cup of sugar, 3 eggs, 1 dash salt, 2 cornstarch tablespoons, 2 cups of milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 3-4 ripe bananas, and vanilla wafer. These ingredients can serve up to 8 people. If you only make this for your kids to go to school, you can lessen the ingredients as much as you think it is enough.


It is rather hard to write and tell you recipes from billions of cooking recipes websites because there are tons of them. However, this is the most basic cooking which can be a great idea to prepare for kids’ lunchbox or for your little brother or sister.

The next recipe I want to show you come from, it has a complete list of the menu for summer. The most popular recipe for summer is baking a pie. Pie has been part of the tradition for God knows since when. These recipes can at least bring color to your mind of what food you should make this summer.