The Greatest Landmarks to Visit in 2016, Are You Ready for the Next Trip?

Do you have a plan to trip or going on vacation in this year? If you have your plan, do not miss the list of landmarks to visit in 2016 here. Visiting landmarks should be one great preference for you, especially for you who want to go around the world. Each country has its landmarks that become popular, so it would be a great thing to visit those landmarks.

Let’s start the list of landmarks that we have to visit in this 2016.


If you think that you love to visit the place with a religion background for a country, you might visit to Angkor Wat, Cambodia. In this place, you can find many temples that have a very great and complicated relief. You can take a picture with the temples there to memorize your great memory in Angkor Wat.


Machu Picchu should be one of the places that you have to visit on your journey. Especially, if you think that you are curious about Incan and its history. You can find the temples from Incan’s history in the past and take a picture with those beautiful temples. So, do you think you will add this place to the list of landmarks to visit 2016?


Another name of the great place that is worth it to be visited is St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy. When you visit this place, you will get a beautiful scenery with classical European view from every single in this place. You can feel the atmosphere of Renaissance architecture around this place.


Except St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy, you also can choose Milan Cathedral as one of the lists in your journey this year. The great architecture will be presented in this place, and you will be going to love this place as well as you like St. Peter’s Basilica.

So, what do you think about this list of landmarks to visit in 2016?

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