Thai-Style Mango Juice

Mango’s popularity is increasingly rising. Not only in his home country, most parts of Asia warmly welcomed the presence of mangoes and processed. Various preparations made from mango are becoming excellent in the cafes and food outlets today in many cities. There is mango sticky rice, mango pudding, mango cake, and what is currently being discussed is Thai-style Mango Juice.

Thai-style juice itself consists of three components, namely mango juice, whipped cream, and mango sorbet. This whipped cream makes the juice more creamy. It is suitable to drink when the weather is hot. It’s easy for you to make yourself and it certainly is very delicious.

So, here is a way for you to make this Thai mango juice directly in your own kitchen.


5 mangoes, cut into pieces. If you want the juice to be more fragrant and sweet, you should use sweet-smelling mangoes
1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice
1 cup of instant whipped cream
Simple syrup or enough sugar
Enough water

How to make:

1. Mango sorbet
Blend half the mangoes that have been cut with lemon, simple syrup, and a little salt. The salt here serves to make the mango sorbet taste even more savory.
Freeze the sorbet in the freezer for two to three hours.
2. Whipped Cream
Pour one cup of instant whipped cream into a container and shake until fluffy. You can also use ready whipped, usually sold in various supermarkets.
3. Mango juice
Blend half the remaining mangoes with simple syrup and enough water. For sweet mangoes, just add a little simple syrup or sugar.
Pour the mango juice into half a glass, add whipped cream, mango sorbet, and fresh mango chunks on top. This Thai mango juice is very delicious to drink while cold.

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