Tasty Vegetable Soup Recipe for Vegan and Vegetarian

vegetable soup recipe

Eating vegetable doesn’t have to be from a bland tasteless vegetable dish. There are many foods that are as delicious as meaty ones. Here is vegetable soup recipe for vegan and vegetarian for a healthy and tasty menu.

First, prepare the ingredients. Here are ingredients needed:

Diced tomatoes, diced garlics, chopped celery, freshly chopped parsley, sliced onion, peas, olive, grated or diced carrot, olive oil, salt, chicken or vegetable broth, black pepper.

Utensils needed are : Stove, soup pan, soup spoon, bowl

To make the soup, the first thing needed is to dice and chop all the vegetables ingredients. Diced and chopped them small and make sure all the vegetables are fresh. After dicing and chopping them, weigh them and adjust it to your need. For example, one fist for each vegetables. If chicken broth doesn’t suit you, use vegetable broth or mushroom broth for the vegetable soup recipe.

Prepare the pan and the stove. Add water to the pan and heat them for one minute. After that, put all the chopped and diced vegetables and the peas into the soup pan. Use small heat with low fire for the first one minute and heat it up after the vegetables are put in. Add the chicken or vegetable broth into the pan.

The next step is to add seasoning to the soup. Add one teaspoon of black pepper, and then two teaspoons of salt. Add olive oil to the pan. Stir them for a while. Taste them to know whether the taste is well mixed or not. If it is less salty, add some salt and add the broth if it is too salty.

Wait the soup for 10 until 15 minutes. Close the lid of the pan while waiting the soup to be ready. Prepare the bowl and put the soup into the bowl. Add some dressing and celery to beautify the soup. The vegetable soup recipe is ready to be served.