Sales Video Vs. Sales Letter

It seems to be the trend lately to use videos in copywriting or in replacement of the sales letter. In many ways I can see why this is. You get the attention of those who would rather not read, and you bring more than a single sense into the selling process, which is good. Videos allow you to connect with people in a way that only being in person and speaking one on one can replace. They can also entrance you and make you listen for longer than you might read sales copy for.
I’ve found myself a few times sitting before one of them watching and wondering what it was about for nearly twenty minutes before they actually got around to telling me what the product was. They’d spent all that time telling me how the product could change my life.

Is it any wonder there are so many people watching them?
Videos don’t have to be nearly that long. Many times a short video introducing you allows them to place a face with a name and makes things more personal. These videos are no more than small clips that last no more than 2 minutes, and that’s on the long side, but they’re not going to sell your product. The sales video is.

Now I visit forums often and this very subject has come up many many times on different threads. The discussion generally goes something along the lines of “I hate sales videos.” When asked why they reply that they can’t skim through a sales video, which is kind of the point, and they don’t want to spend a lot of their time on something unless they know it’s actually going to be worth it.
To that I say they have a point.

Sales videos are a double edged sword. You’ll lose those who scan first then go back and read through the whole thing, but you may also gain those who would rather not have to read through a long letter. Think about it. When was the last time you actually read every word in a sales letter? Did you read it because the subject was interesting and helpful, or were you studying copywriting?
I’ve seen an ingenious way of getting around this sword, but I haven’t seen it done on many sites. The moment someone goes to the page their video begins playing, but just below the video there is the sales letter with the exact same wording as what they’re saying.
Of course the key is testing. What works for one product may not work for another. Test your pages, see which one sells more and go with that one.
Videos can be very useful and they often boost conversions, but not always. Finding out if they work for your product is up to you.

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