Raise Funds for All Purposes with Gourmet Pretzels

During the winter months when the weather is cool, enjoying a nice hot pretzel can be a great way to warm up! People of all ages love the taste of freshly baked pretzels fixed with some of their favorite toppings. Pretzels can be a great way for schools, churches, and other organizations to raise funds. By finding a re[censored] ble pretzel company, you can create a fund raising package that will generate a lot of interest. If you are looking for ideas on how you can make your fund raisers profitable this year consider reading below.

You should start by locating a re[censored] ble pretzel company in your area that is willing to work with your organization to possibly make large orders for your fund raiser. You can easily accomplish this by asking other organizations that have considered using pretzels or other gourmet foods as a fund raising choice. You can also search the internet for a list of the best available bakeries in your area. Be sure to pay a visit so that you are able to talk to someone in authority about your financial goals.

Once you have found the right bakery you want to make sure that you get all of the specifics. You can ask about package deals and discounts since you will be selling large quantities of their products. You will need to have order forms and also discuss a start and finish date for your fund raisers.

When selecting your menu options be sure to select a variety of pretzels that will appeal to those you’re trying to sell to. If you can, ask the bakery if they are able to provide you with samples of the pretzels so that you can make the best choice for your fundraiser. It is ideal that you choose something plain for those that like old fashioned pretzels. However, being creative and choosing ideas like milk and white chocolate covered pretzels will certainly catch some interest.

After securing a bakery and going over all of the necessities, you’re going to need to begin spreading the word about your gourmet pretzels fund raiser. You can provide order forms and flyers to those in your organization. Other ways to encourage big sales would be to consider advertising a competition or prize to the highest seller. When there is an incentive involved you will generate more profits and therefore reach your financial goal much faster.

Other ways that you can maximize your profits on selling gourmet pretzels as a fund raiser would be to consider selling them at local events, or placing flyers and order forms in locations where there are lots of traffic. The more you can get the word out about your fundraiser, the more chances you have of getting the support of your community.

After just one fundraiser you are sure to get hooked on the outpour of interest that you receive. If the event is a success, you could consider having one every year.

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