Online Food Ordering System and its Future in Pakistan

In this era of globalization, where everything is turning digital, e marketing and e commerce has revolutionized the concept of business. The trend of online shopping has made life much easier for shopaholics or specially working class.
I always wonder we have online shopping for shopaholics then why not something for food lovers? While surfing through internet, I was amazed to see that finally we do have online food ordering facility in Pakistan as well especially in La[censored] . A web based online food ordering portal has been developed to facilitate the food lovers. The concept of this portal is very simple and unique. The online food ordering company is providing a bridge between food providers and food lovers, they have a list of numerous restaurants registered on their portal which are divided on the basis of their delivery area. Once a user visited their website he registered on the website, log in to place an order online, select his residential area and city to see the list of restaurants delivering in his area. After this one time registration process there are only few simple steps to order food online.
Search restaurant, order food, checkout and get your order delivered at your door step in just few clicks. Isn’t it easy and quick? This online food ordering system not only providing a medium to order food online but they are also providing us a platform where we can see multiple restaurants and their complete menus at one place. Choosing food has never been so easy before. You can see detailed menu, food description, serving quantity, food images and what not, this online food ordering website is a complete food guide for food lovers. They not only food for home deliveries but also book their table in advance for their favorite restaurants and always order their take away in advance as well.
In recent times has been emerged as a good addition in this online food system, it strengthen its roots in La[censored] in past few months , they have more than 50 restaurants from different areas of La[censored] delivering food to home or office. Consumers simply visit their website and search their favorite restaurant in their area to order food online in just few clicks.

Some of the significant names of restaurant on their panel include Copper Kettle famous for its steaks, sandwiches, burgers, and continental and sea food variety. La[censored] Chatkhara is another versatile addition on their panel offering wide range chatpatay tongue tinglers such dahi bhalay, chat and pani puris. Al Nakhal house of Arabian food is another great option for food lovers, similarly Zakir tikka is a real treat for desi food and B B Q lovers. For fast food lovers Pizza Milano, Domeno Hut, Smart Chicks, AFC, KB Burgers, Fri Chicks, Pizza Wonder, Pizza Place and list goes on. Biryani Express is one of the top priority restaurants for biryani lovers in La[censored] , for pasta, thai and Italian food lovers Café Costa and Alley Cuisine have no match. In 10 city lounge is another unique addition on panel. There are many such restaurants on to satisfy the food cravings of every food lover.
In short this online food ordering system is not less than a blessing for food lovers who get a variety of menus, mouthwatering pictures and quick and fastest delivery services at one single and portable medium. We should encourage this trend in Pakistan as our future Is totally dependent of e commerce and digital devices.

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