Ninja Pulse Blender

find myself using the Pulse blender ( produced by ninja ) for all sorts of things! I am doing a lot less chopping by hand and whipping up things that used to take too much time and use too many utensils.

Best of all, my hubby has been making us berry smoothies every night!

Now…back to the original review:

What’s this new blender we keep hearing about?

I have had a big multi-speed blender, a little pulse bullet, and a coffee grinder.

What could be better than that trio?

Well, how about one machine that does the work of all three? This Blender makes it happen!

I was amazed to see what this dynamic little blender can do.

It’s really to your health…It has helped done a lot to go for healthy living…..Go on to explore furthermore…..

The Ninja System comes with:

  • One 40-ounce processing bowl
  • 1 tiered blade assembly
  • 1 dough blade
  • 1 cookie paddle
  • 1 Pulse lid
  • 1 storage lid
  • Two 16-ounce single-serve blending/drinking cups
  • 1 blade assembly
  • 2 to-go lids with sipping and straw openings
  • 700 watt motor base
  • User manual with recipes

It is packaged differently for some retail stores. Model numbers include BL200, BL204, and BL205. In addition to the above, the box may include a third single-serving cup/lid, a shaker lid, and/or “Pulse It Up!” recipe book.

Though this blender is usually advertised with a white base, I have seen it offered it in black.

What can this pulse blender do?

  • Crush ice for beverages, slushies, snow cones
  • Blend smoothies, shakes, frozen drinks
  • Puree baby food, dips, spreads
  • Juice whole fruits & vegetables
  • Knead bread and pizza dough
  • Mix cookie dough, biscuit dough, batters
  • Chop veggies, hard cooked eggs
  • Mince onions, garlic, herbs
  • Grate hard cheese, bread crumbs
  • Grind and powder spices, herbs, nuts, seeds, coffee beans, sugar
  • Mash cooked vegetables to creamy consistency
  • Make soft serve ice cream, sorbet

The power is literally in the palm of your hand!

The technology allows you to control the speed of the blender. You decide how chunky or smooth, how creamy or frothy you want your product to be.

Ninja BL205 Pulse – Created to inspire and simplify healthy living

That’s right: this Pulse Blender was created to give us the power and convenience to live a healthy lifestyle.

Single serve blending gets us out the door with a nutritious beverage and on to our active lives. Other processing features help us prepare fresh and wholesome meals for our families.

It’s simply simple!

Instead of pushing speed buttons, use the palm of your hand to guide the pulsing action. The result? Consistently processed and blended ingredients. No more uneven textures or unintentional mashing.

A harmonious quartet

This kitchen appliance performs all four roles!

1. Frozen blending: Turn ice cubes into snow for resort-quality drinks, frozen treats, and iced beverages.

2. Dough mixing: Make pizza, cookie, pastry, and bread dough in seconds.

3. Food processing: Chop, grind, puree, mix fresh ingredients evenly—made to order.

4. Complete juicing: Transform fruits and vegetables into delicious beverages that retain fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

What is complete juicing?

The most nutritious part of any fruit or vegetable is the pulp. Unlike other juicers that strain out the pulp, this blender uses a “complete juicing” process to smoothly incorporate the pulp into the juice.

Your juice will contain nutrients that are lost by many juice extractors.

What are some of it’s main features?

  1. 5-star blade system chops/blends/mixes at the same time—nothing sinks to the bottom of the container.
  2. Stainless steel blades are rustproof and dishwasher safe.
  3. BPA-free plastic containers are microwave/dishwasher/freezer safe.
  4. Tight fitting lids prevent contents from leaking during processing.
  5. Tabs, notches, and markings show where to align lids, containers, and power unit.
  6. On 16-ounce containers, maximum fill lines are clearly marked.
  7. On 40-ounce bowl, gradient markings are printed at each 1/2 cup and every 4 ounces.
  8. Two-foot cord stores away in cord wrap under motor base.
  9. Recipes are available in the user manual and on the manufacturer’s website.

Is pulse blender dishwasher-safe? Microwave-safe? Freezer-safe?

  • Cups, bowls, blades, attachments, and lids are top rack dishwasher-safe. Motor base can be wiped clean with damp cloth.
  • Single-serve cup and 40-ounce bowl are microwave-safe for heating, but boiling is not recommended. Blades, attachments, and Pulse lid should not be used in the microwave.
  • Containers, storage lid, and drinking lids are freezer-safe.

How much does it cost?

Manufacturer list price is $129.99, but Amazon always has it for much less than that.

What other parts can be purchased?

Pulse It Up! recipe book and replacements for all containers, lids, and blades are available through the manufacturer’s website

Who makes this blender?

Euro-Pro Operating LLC originated in Europe, where many fine quality household goods are made. The company, now based in Massachusetts, has been making appliances for more than a century.

Euro-Pro focuses on providing better and more efficient products for today’s busy consumers. The company takes great pride in developing innovative, easy to use products at competitive price points.

How are all the parts used?

The 16 ounce single serve cup is used upside down with its own blade unit.

  • The single-serve cup and blade are used to process small amounts of ingredients and to make juices, blended drinks, and baby food.

The 40 ounce container has its own blades and works as an upright blender.

  • The 4-tiered blade is used for ice-crushing, blending, pureeing, chopping, controlled processing, and beating egg whites and cream.
  • The cookie paddle blends up cookie doughs, dessert bars, batters, and egg mixtures.
  • The dough blade mixes thick batters and kneads heavy doughs for pizza, pretzel, biscuits, and breads.

Complete juicing suggestions

  • For best blending results include fruits with high water content, or add water or juice to fruits and veggies with lower water content.
  • Use the single-serve cup for optimal results.
  • For smoother juice, add a few ice cubes or liquid, or blend the juice a bit longer.

Dough tips

  • Choose a recipe with up to 4 cups of ingredients. A maximum of 3 cups of flour works best.
  • Use large container with either cookie paddle (for light doughs) or dough blade (for heavier doughs).
  • The Pulse works so quickly that it’s easy to overbeat flours, which can result in tough batters. I remedy this by mixing all wet ingredients first, then adding dry ingredients and mixing briefly, just till mixed.
  • For yeast doughs that will intentionally be kneaded to develop gluten, put liquid ingredients in first, then distribute dry ingredients around the container.
  • When mixing a large recipe, hold down pulse handle very briefly to mix ingredients before starting pulsing action.
  • At this time you may need to scrape the dry ingredients down in the container, especially if flour flew up into the lid.
  • Check after each bit of pulsing; you may need to scrape down the sides.
  • Before removing batter or dough, carefully pull blade out vertically by holding stem, without touching blades.
  • Bits of chunky ingredients will get stuck in the dough paddle grids, and I don’t know how to prevent that. So “licking the beaters” takes on a new meaning with chocolate chips and nuts as part of the bargain.

Grinding and grating tips:

  • Either container with its own metal blade assembly can be used to grind and grate.
  • Coffee beans will grind finely for drip coffee makers in the small container. The large container grinds more coarsely, ideal for percolators.
  • Cheese grates into crumbles rather than shreds. Hard cheeses such as parmesan, asiago, romano will grate into fine crumbles. Softer cheeses will form larger crumbles.
  • Cheese and dry bread can be grated together for a casserole topping.
  • Veggies will turn from chopped to ground very quickly. I like this for blending several veggies to add to or hide in sauces, meat loaf, etc. It’s best to start with small pieces or versions like cherry tomatoes and baby carrots.

Other ideas:

  • Pulse a few times briefly to get blending started, then pulse for longer period.
  • Use small container for pureeing baby food and grinding spices.
  • Yogurt helps add creamy texture to smoothies.
  • To process fruits and veggies, just remove seeds and any unwanted peel; the Pulse blender does all the chopping.
  • Make salsa with all ingredients at once, using brief pulses.
  • Add flavored syrups to carbonated water for homemade soda or to crushed ice for a slushy.
  • Use small container to mix a small amount of ingredients for a larger recipe to be made in the 40 ounce container.
  • A canning funnel (with lower opening larger than most funnels) fits right inside the small container and helps eliminate spilling dry ingredients around the rim.
  • Either metal blades or cookie paddle can be used to beat eggs and whip cream. Beware that cream will whip very quickly, so check often unless you want to make butter!
  • Either blades or paddle will also blend seasonings into soft butter or cream cheese for garlic butter, cheese spreads.
  • Mix sandwich spread in the large or small container. Use the metal blades to puree hard cooked eggs, cooked meat, or cheeses while blending at the same time with saucy or spreadable ingredients. The paddle can be used in the large container to incorporate pieces of ingredients with a sauce or spread.

How is the Pulse Blender different than personal size pulse blenders?

When you purchase, you get the following:

  1. Has a motor with twice as much power
  2. Can process more types of ingredients
  3. Comes with larger containers
  4. Uses complete juicing technology
  5. Mixes and kneads doughs
  6. Includes to-go lids for drinking cups

How does the Ninja Pulse system compare to the Ninja 1100?

The Pulse blender:

  • Operates by pulsing, using the palm of the hand
  • Has a 700 watt motor
  • Comes with 16-ounce and 40-ounce blending containers
  • Kneads 1# of bread dough

The 1100 blender:

  • Has buttons to regulate speed and pulsing
  • Has an 1100 watt motor
  • Comes with 40-ounce and 72-ounce blending containers
  • Kneads 1.5# of bread dough

Does it have any shortcomings?

Blades in the machines made by ninja are very sharp, which is why they work so well. For safety, grasp blade assembly by the spindle. Store blades in covered container when not in use.

What other tools will this Ninja appliance replace?

In our kitchen, this blender replaces a large blender, bullet blender, coffee grinder, and dough mixer.

We still use our stand mixer for large batches of doughs and batters, and our food processor for slicing and some grating.

What do other people say about this Kitchen System?

Amazon reviewers give them 5 stars, Amazon’s highest rating!

Here are some comments from peoples who used this kitchen appliance:

“Just bought the Ninja Pulse BL205 because I wanted a blender that was easy to clean and perfect for making individual smoothies or shakes. This one fits the bill. The parts are dishwasher safe and so far it has worked beautifully for individual servings. I already owned a high power full-size blender but it didn’t do a good job on single servings and it is definitely not dishwasher safe.” –Dolores

“I decided to get it out on Thanksgiving to use for the first time to chop vegetables for stuffing. I could not believe how quickly and perfectly they were for my stuffing. Saved so much time and effort. No crying with the onions either. It was easy to clean too and I moved from one thing to another easily.” –Stormy

“I just bought this blender yesterday and it is by far the best blender I have ever used! It makes everything you could possibly dream of using it for and it does it fast! My favorite part is the personal blending cups. If you are looking for a blender that allows you to make everything and even make personal drinks, look no further: this is the blender you want!!” –Kayla

“I love this thing so much that I’d buy 2 in case the first one breaks. I bought it on a whim and it has been fantastic. Highly recommended for a personal quick smoothie system. Just drop in a banana, some whey, some strawberries, milk and OJ and you have a retail $6 smoothie.” –Jack

Q: Where can I find the best price?

A: Since this is a brand new product, it is unusual to find many deals. The retail price is $149.00, but I have found it at Amazon for under $125 shipped. That’s not surprising, since Amazon usually has the best prices on kitchen appliances that I’ve found.

Q: How many ounces are in a Ninja personal blender?

A: 16 oz, assuming you are referring to the Ninja Pulse. The Ninja Pulse has 16oz personal blending cups and also a larger 40oz processing bowl for making bigger batches of things.

Please Note: You may not want to completely fill the 16oz blending cup if you are making a drink because it does need a little space to work. We recommend filling it up to 12oz for your smoothie or whatever you may be making.

Q: Can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja Blender?

A: Yes! The Ninja blenders all do quite well grinding coffee. We have found that the Ninja Pulse personal 16oz cups are able to grind to a finer texture suitable for drip brew, and the larger 40oz processing bowls of the Pulse and 1100 model make coarse ground coffee suitable for french press or cold brewing.

The Ninja Pulse – Blender & Coffee Grinder

The day my Ninja Pulse arrived, I packed away several other small kitchen appliances.

One of them was my little coffee grinder.

I’d no longer need it, since the Ninja Pulse will grind coffee for me.

When the time came to grind coffee, I wasn’t sure which container and blade to use… so I tried both.

Note: I used the same amount of coffee beans from the same bag so the results would give me a good comparison.

Grinding the Coffee in my Ninja Pulse

Using the Personal Size Blender Cup

First I used the individual 16-oz. container and its blade. I filled the cup to the marked fill line, put the cup on the base, and pulsed away. Immediately I could see coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup near the blade assembly.

But I didn’t see much else happening and wasn’t sure if the rest of the beans would get ground up. (Too many other blenders of the past in the back of my mind.)

But I kept pulsing, and soon I noticed that the beans were rising up on the outer edge of the cup and then falling into the center of the cup. They were “whooshed” down into a funnel shaped opening and carried down to the blade. Very soon I had a container full of finely ground coffee.


After inhaling the aroma for a few seconds–don’t you love the smell of freshly ground coffee?—I poured the ground coffee into my coffee canister.

Most of it fell out, but there were some lumps—I thought. But they were just clumps of ground coffee. In fact there was not a chunk of coffee bean in sight.

Grinding Coffee with the 40oz Ninja Pulse Pitcher

I refilled the 16-oz. container with the same amount of coffee beans and poured them into the 40-oz. Pulse container. I’d already put the tiered blade assembly in. Let the pulsing begin!

After a while I could see that the coffee was not grinding quite as finely as it had in the smaller container. At least not as quickly.

I kept on pulsing long enough to decide that the large container and its blade would probably not grind as finely as the other small container had.

Comparing the Textures of Ninja Blender Ground Coffee

The coffee from the 40-oz. container was definitely coarser.

Still, it looked like coffee I’d purchased already ground. Sure enough, a side-by-side comparison showed me that the second batch was what the coffee manufacturers might call coarse grind, while the first batch in the 16-oz. container would probably be called fine.

When I decanted the ground coffee into the canister—after smelling it for a while, of course–there was actually finely ground coffee stuck in the bottom of the container. It was easily removed with a rubber scraper and incorporated into the canister grounds.

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