New Beer Products In Thailand

Fluid Asia Pacific, one of Thailand’s leading beer importers recently announced its newest lineup of draught beers that will be available in the country as of March 1, 2009. The company has been importing beer into Thailand, both draught and bottled, since September, 2005 and now has its largest product line ever.

Following agreements with brewing mega-companies Carlsberg and Foster’s, owners of many other international brands, Fluid Asia Pacific Managing Director Rob Murray introduced the new lineup of his company’s brands which include some of the top-quality brands from the U.K. and Australia. Fluid Asia Pacific has also concluded distribution deals with other U.K. brewers and producers of alcoholic ciders that have rounded out its line of upmarket products.

Products now available from Fluid Asia Pacific in major Thai markets include Tetley’s Smoothflow, Weston’s Cider, Stowford Press Cider, London Pride bitter, Kronenbourg 1664, Foster’s, Pure Blonde, Victoria Bitter and Crown Lager. Additionally, recent meetings with representatives of Carlsberg in Bangkok have led to further agreements which will increase the level of Fluid Asia Pacific’s involvement with the international brewing giant and result in more of the company’s brands being available in Thailand.

The brands currently being imported vary in availability in regard to draught or bottled status but eventually all of the brands are scheduled to be available in draught format since Fluid Asia Pacific considers itself the leader in draught beer in the country with more brands and more advanced technology than any other importer or local producer. The company’s customers include pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels in Bangkok, Phuket, Samui and Pattaya, where the company has offices, and in some other select markets such as Chiang Mai where there is a large expatriate population. Their products are now being made available in other parts of the country as well as demand is starting to ramp up as the word gets out.

Concurrently, the company has just launched its new website which allows consumers to find their favorite brands at the many locations they are available at throughout the country. There is also an event section on the site which lists the upcoming beer promotions and events where Fluid Pacific Asia’s brands will be sponsoring various beer brands. In addition to the main site Fluid Asia Pacific also has its own social networking site, which provides more information about the company’s events and promotions. It will also contain photos and videos about the company’s events and products and allow consumers to post their own information and connect with other beer lovers in the same way as Facebook, MySpace or any other social networking site.

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