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Bigelow Tea – Made In America

Tea is one of my favorite beverages – hot or iced. Iced tea is a staple here in South Texas, but I admit that I love hot tea when it’s cold outside. Tea is just a comforting and delicious beverage steeped (pardon the pun) in history. In fact, tea is still one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

A couple of years ago, I was looking around for a new tea to try, when I discovered that Bigelow Tea is Made In America. How cool is that? I haven’t looked back. Bigelow Tea has a full flavor that satisfies.

One of these days I’ll make it through all the Bigelow Tea flavors, but I keep stopping on the ones I really like! It’s my great pleasure to recommend Bigelow Tea ~ Made In America!

Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea markets over 50 varieties of tea, including black, green and herbal teas, all of which are still blended in Fairfield, Connecticut
Bigelow Tea also owns America’s only tea plantation, in Charleston, South Carolina

Constant Comment, An American Treasure

In 1945, Ruth Campbell Bigelow created Constant Comment tea in her kitchen. Mrs. Bigelow knew tea and she wanted to create a tea that other tea lovers could really enjoy. Using an old colonial America recipe that called for tea to be blended with orange peel and spices, Mrs. Bigelow set about to experiment and create a wonderful new tea. She shared this new tea blend with her family and friends. According to the company, someone she had shared the tea with told her that they had served her tea and it had brought nothing but constant comments.

As they say, a star was born ~ Constant Comments Tea. America loves success stories and Bigelow Tea is one of the best success stories.

I’m sure Mrs. Bigelow would be very happy to know that her tea company has expanded so far as to have a huge variety of tea flavors available just about everywhere. In fact, in 2003 the Bigelow family bought the Charleston Tea Plantation.

All that, and her tea is still grown and blended right here in America. Bigelow Tea is still a privately owned family company, too.

Bigelow Tea Employs Americans

Bigelow Tea sells over 75 million boxes of tea each year via dozens of retailers. The company has manufacturing plants in Connecticut, Kentucky and Idaho.

At these plants, more than 300 employees prepare, sort and package tea bags into boxes for shipping to retailers.

Recently, Bigelow Tea was honored with a Platinum Healthy Workplaces Best Practices Award by the business council of Fairfield County. This is their first Platinum Award and their fourth such honor.

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