Keep your Coffee ( or tea ) Hot with the Thermos Carafe

There has to be a better way!

My Thermos Carafe is undeniably, the most used appliance in my apartment. Prior to that, I did it the hard way, that is I used to boil water as I needed it. I never thought much about it except that I knew there had to be a better way.

Our winters are long in Japan so during the cold months, hot beverages are a must to help keep the body warm, especially if you work at home like me. Now, I’m the type of person that like my hot beverages to be hot and once it gets lukewarm, I end up making a fresh cup. Yeah, call me a snob, but I need my hot liquids hot, it’s as simple as that.

A lukewarm cup of tea just doesn’t warm up the body as efficiently. Of course I knew this wasn’t the most practical way and it definitely wasn’t the most energy-saving method either.

The Thermos Nissan Stainless Steel Carafe

So a few years ago, I did some research and decided to make a small investment in an insulated carafe, that would keep my beverages hot for a long time. After I brought my Thermos Nissan Stainless Steel Carafe home, I immediately took it for a test drive. I’m pleased to say that it kept my hot beverages hot for up to 6 hours and pretty close to hot ( very warm ) for up to 8. Mileage may vary depending on where you live and how cold it is in your area but so far, I haven’t found one that’s as good as my Thermos. This is not only convenient, but energy-saving as well. With my new Thermos carafe, I no longer have to boil water more than twice a day. Compare that to the 6-8 times a day, prior to getting my Thermos carafe.

Keeps Cold Drinks Cold All Day Long

As an added bonus, the Thermos carafe is useful during the extreme summers we get in Tokyo as well. Instead of wasting lots of ice cubes like I used to, I fill the carafe with a chilled drink adding only a few ice cubes, and it pretty much stays cold for the entire day. It certainly has made my life easier!

If you’re a coffee drinker, putting your brewed coffee into the carafe will prevent that burnt taste you get if you keep it on the coffee warmer for too long. My friend does this and swears by this method. In fact, she has two carafes, one for coffee and one for tea, especially useful when she has dinner parties. She says it’s nice enough to put on the dining table and I agree. The simple and sleek design is one reason why I love this carafe so much.

Benefits in a Nutshell

Keeps liquids hot or cold for a long time.
Sleek and stylish design.
Durable and sturdy with no fragile parts.
Easy to clean.

If you’re looking for the best insulated carafe out there, look no further. The Thermos Nissan is the best one you’ll ever find!

My Thermos Carafe fits into any decor. Check out my photos below.

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