Helpful Style Tips For Women Above 40

I love to write lists and then cross items off, so definitely something that is on paper or could be printed out. Something that maybe had two components – something larger (a binder maybe) where you could hold lots of information and keep it at home and also something smaller that could fit in a diaper bag or purse to take on the go

The binder could hold things like grocery lists, menus, budget items, to-do lists, calendars, etc. Kind of like a home management binder, I guess. Cost would be a factor, too, I wouldn’t spend a lot on a system, but I’m cheap like that.

You guys have no idea how helpful all your feedback has been! This is exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for, so thank you so much. You rock.

Please know that I’m reading and digesting every word you’re all writing. No skimming done by me.

I am rather too laid back, I believe in playing with the kids and worry about the mess later, sadly though I do this in my sewing and knitting and its not long before all my housework is just tidy up time so the cleaning gets a light surface clean once a week. So my ideal would be to start with a clean and tidy house, with only what I really need in it…I think then maybe I can have a better mind set to clean it in small bits, like you mentioned in the wipe it down as soon as it gets dirty…a meal planner is almost happening but I still buy when I can manage shopping depending on the children’s moods

There are so many great ideas here. For me, I stress over pristine clean paper. I hate marking up that first page. So I need the ability to print out however many copies I like, which is why I make my own planner. I also would like it to fit the half letter size (classic/junior agenda size), because if I don’t carry it with me at all times, I will not remember to jot down ideas as they come to me. I prefer to have an example for each form, but the ability to customize to my own needs. I am so excited to see what you come up with. I love the daily docket (Thank you!) which I customized to fit my day.

For me, a SAHM, it would be a physical planner/binder/thingy. I currently use a page-a-day bound planner, because there’s plenty of space to write everything I need, but I’d also like an address/phone number book included, with a list for birthdays. Also a month (or week) at a glance, for things like writing down appointments and being able to see over large periods at a time.

I write my menus for the week every Thursday, and then my shopping list under Friday (I shop on Friday), and that works find for me, but I wouldn’t mind a separate section devoted to this.

I use a different planner every year (which is fine), and they’re always half-notebook size, so it’ll fit easily in a purse/diaper bag.

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