Health Benefits of the Acai Berry

Recently featured on the Rachel Ray show and praised as a SUPERFOOD, the Acai Berry (pronounced Ah-sigh-ee) is packed with health benefits and life-supporting nutrients. Testimonials abound by users such as Rachel Ray on the berry’s ability to cleanse the body and help with weight loss and its ability to suppress hunger and increase energy levels.

Brad Pitt plays a personal trainer in his 2008 film, “Burn After Reading.” With only a couple of months remaining before shooting the film, Pitt was asked by producers to get down to 5% body fat. His trainer recommended he use the Acai Berry supplement. A look at Brad’s body in the movie tells you that the Acai Berry did the trick.

The Acai Berry is in the Spotlight: Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the renowned anti-aging expert, calls it his #1 Super Food. Dr. Mehmet Oz who is regularly featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, dieticians, movie stars and others swear by what they call the Acai Berry’s ability to restore a feeling of health and stamina and well-being. Stars make a livelihood being fit and looking their best. Many attest that the Acai Berry makes this quest possible in a very short period of time.

Too Good to be True?

Our bodies are constantly being pummeled by environmental pollutants, toxins, poor quality food, and stress. Our diets are full of processed, refined foods, tainted with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics which collect in the bloodstream and tissues and cause us to feel tired, function ineffectively or become overweight. Although research on the Acai berry is still on-going, this dark purple, grape-like fruit harvested from Acai palms in the rainforests of South America has already proven to be an important part of a healthier diet. According to the renowned Mayo Clinic of Rochester, Minnesota, the greatest health impact comes from the anti-oxidants in the berry, but the fruit also contains fiber and heart-healthy fats which can also be safely eaten in the diet of someone with Diabetes.

What will Acai Berry do for Me?

The US Department of Agriculture or USDA has initiated studies to look at the link between anti-oxidant rich food and aging. According to the USDA website: “Studies at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston suggest that consuming fruits and vegetables with a high-ORAC or anti-oxidant value will help slow the aging process in both body and brain. Studies have shown that the Acai berry, with its fiber and 30-50% fat content, is one of the most nutritious and powerful anti-oxidant foods in the world. Studies also show that high anti-oxidants in the blood have an inverse reaction to the disease. Interest in the health results of this Super Food is intense. More information on the Acai Berry can be found on many websites including that of the US Dept of Agriculture and Dr. Perricone’s 10 Superfoods.

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