Great Hummus Recipes

Healthy Hummus Is A Versatile Snack

Not long ago I discovered the absolute best hummus recipes after developing a huge addiction to the smooth Middle Eastern dip. I was searching for healthy snacks I could make here at home for hubby and me. I made the hummus, but my husband didn’t like it. I however, *loved* it! I made hummus again another time, with another recipe and discovered that while the hummus recipes were very similar, they respond to different spices and ingredients in different ways – very wonderful, flavorful ways.

I think that the best hummus recipe to start with is just a basic one, with not too many ingredients. After you make it once (if you’ve never tried it before) or twice, you’ll have a feel for what additional ingredients would taste great with the nutty flavor of the chick peas. I think you’ll like the basic hummus recipe on this page. When you make hummus again, you can experiment with different flavors and create your own individual best hummus recipe!

Please visit again and let me know what yummy deliciousness you came up with so I can try it too!

What Exactly Is Hummus, Anyway?

Hummus was created in the Middle-East and is a delicious dip. Hummus has a bland, slightly nutty flavor to it that really gives the taste buds a subtle treat. The main ingredient of hummus is chickpeas. Hummus is full of vitamins and minerals that are very good for your body.

Hummus can be used as a dip for things like tortilla chips or bread sticks. It can also be spread on bread and used as a sandwich spread. Hummus is also really great on crackers and is a low fat dip so it is good for people who are watching their weight.

The best thing about making hummus is that it requires no cooking, so this is a great recipe for young people and people who are inexperienced cooks. I love that it lends itself so well to having other ingredients added for flavor. You never have to have hummus the same way twice…OR you can enjoy the original flavor unaltered – delicious either way.

Hummus bia Tahini

Simply The Best Hummus Recipe Ingredients

1 can Chickpeas
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
6 tbsp Garlic Puree
1 tsp Ground Cumin
Pinch of Salt and Pepper
4 tbsp Tahini Paste
5 tbsp Water
3 tbsp Sesame Oil
2 tsp Paprika

A Few Of The Basic Ingredients

Directions – This is an amazing easy hummus recipe!

The best part of this recipe is how very easy it is to make! Throw all of the ingredients except the paprika, salt and pepper, into a blender or food processor then blend until the ingredients form a thick creamy paste.
Spoon the hummus into a bowl and sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper and the paprika.
Serve with bread or tortilla chips

Flavorful Ideas For Hummus Additions

Sometimes you feel like something a little different, or you want to come up with something unique for a party or other gathering. Try some of these ideas separately or together, for transforming your basic hummus recipe:

Jalapenos (or even habaneros for extra fire)
Roasted eggplant;
Sun-dried tomato;
Green or red bell peppers;
Sriracha hot sauce
Picante sauce
Almonds, walnuts or pecans
Green Olives
Black Olives

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