For the freshest noodles and pasta – there’s no comparison to a true pasta machine.

In today’s climate of eating healthier, and choosing more natural foods over the packaged, preservative-laden products in stores, more and more people… whether in New York, California, Texas or Florida…are discovering the benefits and enjoyment of making their own fresh pasta.

The advantage of having a Pasta-making Machine in one’s own kitchen is manifold. You can create much healthier pasta from scratch by using wheat or multi-grain flour, thus cutting down on the fat calories, and doing away with the preservatives found in the store-bought noodles…not to mention the fact, that fresh pasta offers a much more flavorable taste.

However, choosing the right Pasta Machine to serve your particular needs, depends on your lifestyle. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types…the manual hand-crank, and the Electric Pasta Machine…in terms of use, features, cleaning and quality of the pasta.

If you have more time to devote to the preparation of your meals, you might want to consider the hand-cranked Pasta-making Machine. They are cheaper, and give you that more authentic experience in making pasta. Many people think it’s more fun to knead the dough themselves, and crank it through the machine. It gives them a more personal connection to the food.

If you lead a more hectic life, or you tend to entertain large groups…the Electric Pasta Machine would be more valuable to you. You simply add the flour and eggs into the mixing bowl, then with the push of a button, the Electric Pasta Machine will take the dough through the complete process of kneading it, then ejecting a batch of the pasta shape of your choice…all in 20 minutes time. There are a collection of different cutting discs to shape the various types of pasta you want. The fact that it can churn out more noodles in a faster time, is one of the advantages. In addition to saving you time, it also saves you from the effort of the preparation.

Most Pasta Machines, manual or automatic, also have simple maintenance. You can take them apart easily, and most of the parts can be used in the dishwasher. They are made of durable material, such as stainless steel, and are designed to last many years.

The main reason many restaurants haven’t made their own pasta, is because of the time it takes to mix the dough, roll it out, knead it and cut it into shapes. Time and food output is always a concern to the restaurateur.

But in today’s innovative world, revolutionary Commercial Pasta Machines have come to the fore. The speed and simplicity of these new Commercial Pasta Machines in the mixing and extrusion process, has made the making of fresh pasta in the restaurant business extremely efficient, and highly profitable.

Pasta Machines save you time and work. The machines work quickly, and as soon as the pasta comes out, you can cook it. This is a benefit for both the individual, as well as the restaurateur. There are many benefits to using Pasta Machines. No matter where you are…New York, California, Texas, Florida…no matter if you are dining in, or dining out…the most obvious benefit will be the taste of freshly-made pasta.

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