Easy Recipes for Beginner Cooks – Easy to make, but still delicate (slow-roasted pork)

easy recipes for beginner cooks

Cooking is almost like a sport. Not everyone enjoys cooking, but everyone likes to see them cook (then taste the served foods). Many recipes of food are often hard to follow, because the ingredients or the amount of salt, sugar, vinegar etc. is too tricky.

The beginner cooks can sometimes have their own time to show their cooking skill; however, because they only have cooked several foods that do not require complicated way in making, cooking heavy menu can be daunting. Before going too far, these are easy recipes for beginner cooks that may beneficial for your skill development process. Good luck!

The classic comfort food is always a great choice to choose. It is one of the best, easy recipes for beginner cooks because it is a homemade food that I’m pretty sure they are familiar with.

Classic comfort food such as slow-roasted pork, southern fried chicken, shepherd’s pie, classic meatloaf, roast chicken, Italian meatballs, to the super simple mac n’ cheese. These menus are included and often considered as the classic comfort food from home.

easy recipes for beginner cooks

Which one is your choice? Meanwhile, if I were a beginner cook, I would like to challenge myself by trying to make the slow-roasted pork.

As part of easy recipes for beginner cooks, the ingredients are not too difficult.

You need 1 port shoulder butt 4lb, then 1/3 cup of sauce, ¾ cup of light brown sugar, 1 ¼ cups of unsweetened apple juice, ½ teaspoon of salt, and ½ teaspoon black pepper to make it spicy.

First off, slit the roasted pork all over then insert the garlic clove.

Then, put the roasted pork in casserole dish very gently using a lid. Leave it for 1 hour.

Then, sprinkle the sauce again. Pour the apple juice and cover it tightly around the bottom.

Roast until the meat is tender!

At the end of the cooking time, cut the crackling off the pork ready to snap into deafeningly crispy shards of crunchy delight, and cut the pork against the grain into serving pieces which will be meltingly juicy. Serve with your favourite winter veggies, or make a scallop’s day and sear it and chuck it on top.