Do you want to cook your own rye bread pie?

Have you ever thought of making your own bread instead of buying it from the stores? It is a great experience eating something that you made on your own. This is always better than buying readymade food. You might think that this is not possible given the fact that you have never tried to make bread. Well, you just need to follow a few guidelines on how to prepare rye bread pie and you will enjoy this sweet bread. Your family members will always long for breakfast – something that they might not have done before.

Before you go into the actual baking of rye bread pie, you ought to make the proper preparations. This will take at least 20 minutes. Note that it will only take you 30 minutes to bake it which means that it takes like one hour for the bread to be ready to be consumed.

Here is a guide for making two loaves of rye bread pie

Important ingredients that you need to have

1. One cup of water- ensure that it is warm
2. 1 spoonful of sugar
3. 2½ cups of buttermilk
4. 1 Spoonful of yeast
5. ¼ serving of melted butter
6. 6 cups of flour (multi-purpose)
7. Two spoons of salt

How to cook your rye bread pie

• Begin by mixing all the ingredients. An electric blender is ideal for blending fluid ingredients. As for the flour, mould it nicely using your hands to ensure that it has no lumps. Here you need to make sure that your oven has been turned on.

• The next step is to transfer the mixture to a big bowl. Make sure that the mixture does not stick to the bowl by greasing it. Do not leave the content open; that is why you need to cover it as you make other necessary preparations.

• By the time you are done with the above processes, your oven should have heated to 350 degrees F. You can then make different shapes of the above mixture in accordance to your preferences. Note that rye bread pie comes in different shapes and that is why it is up to you to decide which shape is the best one for you

• Once you have made your shape, you can then brush the surface with eggs. This is to give a glossy crust to your pie. The last process is to put the mixture in the heated oven. Let it bake for 30 minutes before it is done.

As you can see it is very simple to bake a rye bread pie. If you follow these guidelines you will definitely get good results.

In addition to that it is very important to use the right pans that are of good quality. Once your rye read pie is ready, leave it to cool off a bit before you serve it on the table. Its aroma alone will alert the family members that a delicious breakfast is awaiting them. You can serve along with soup.

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