Different Methods in Cooking All Over the World

Each part of the world has its way of making some stuff edible to survive. Now that the cooking science has advanced rapidly, cooking is not about whether a cooked food is edible and stomach friendly or not, different methods in cooking are used to get certain taste, smell, even appearance. If you are a newbie in the cooking department, these cooking methods below are a must to pay attention of.

Method 1 – Roasting

Roasting is one of the oldest cooking methods. It roots from our ancestor as they first found a fire.


Nowadays, roasting is still one of the people’ favorite way of cooking. With roasting, the food may have the chance to get scorched, roasted unevenly or not as well cooked as when using a microwave.

However, the distinguish smell the fire, and the charcoal produce is believed to be one of appetite booster. No wonder food that is roasted appears to be tastier than any other foods.

Method 2 – Steaming

The fire did a fantastic job in the development of different methods in cooking. Steaming is highly popular, both for vegetables and meaty foods.


Cooking gives the advantage of softer and less durable burn effect to the food. Steaming is also believed to be one of the healthiest cooking methods to preserve the nutrients in raw food. However, if steaming is done with heat over the recommended degree, the nutrients in raw food may not get preserved.

For flavoring, steaming is best to be done in low heat for long periods of time.

The latter method is popular in Asia, while the Western one prefers the less cooked and more bland steamed food.



Grilling definitely is the most common method among different methods in cooking. As the oil for cooking is discovered, people found a way to make raw and inedible food becomes edible and some level tastier than when eaten raw.

Added with the fact that the most preferred food are the crispy one, frying is a highly favors method of cooking.

Frying can give crispy and also strong result for the food. However, frying contributes much to higher cholesterol and a higher chance of another disease including cancer and stroke if using the wrong kind of oil.

Outside of the three methods of cooking above, we know others like grilling, microwaving, drying, etc. but we cannot deny those three are the most used methods in cooking. It is up to you to choose among the different methods in cooking that suit your cooking style the best.