Cutting Your Catering Costs

Weddings are blessed events that bring families and friends together to celebrate a new marital union. When it comes to the catering for your special day, you want to offer your guests the best, while at the same time, keeping your costs as low as possible. You can offer delicious food that will not empty your wallet.

Select a venue for your reception that permits you to choose an outside catering service. To get the best deal around, you want to choose a spot that will allow you to use the caterer that you want to use and not one you are told to use. There are many places, such as hotels, that require you to use their in-house services for foods and beverages if you are holding your event in their establishment. Ask questions of each potential place before you book your reception.

Are buffet meals more expensive or do plated meals come with a higher price tag? The answer depends on whom you ask and also where your special occasion is to be held. In some instances, a buffet would cost more because guests are able to return to the table more than once to eat more food. Your best bet is to compare the price of both of the options and then choose the one that is most cost effective.

Having various stations for food is similar in nature to a buffet style of catering and is a po[censored] r and modern option of feeding those in attendance. Setting up different stations for food allows your guests to choose what they want and to serve themselves. It is an option that is competitively priced. For example, you could have a carving station, a taco station, a pasta station, a meat and potatoes station and a soup station. You could set up any kind of station you want depending upon the type of foods that you wish to provide for your wedding guests. This option is often cheaper than the buffet or the sit down meal.

Another catering option is to buck tradition and order in food from wherever you like. If you like pizza, order that. If you like Chinese or Japanese food, order that for yourself and all of your guests. It is your big day so eat the foods you love the most and the ones you know that will help you to stay within the budget you have created for your nuptials. Maybe you have never been to a wedding where this was done before. That is okay; you can start a new trend for others!

Steer clear of foods that are out of season. Many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are seasonal and can be expensive to purchase at other times throughout the year. The distances the foods need to come from can raise the prices. When it comes to your choices, to cut costs only plan to serve foods for your meal that are available right now.

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