Can a kitchen island provide your kitchen or restaurant with the efficiency you need?

What is the advantage to having a Kitchen Island? A kitchen, whether it’s a small or large one, is a busy place. Preparing meals requires a lot of cooking materials, food preparation, and at times, more than one cook. One of the greatest attributes of a Kitchen Island, is providing extended counter space. How many times have you had to clear a path of appliances, plates, pots…just to chop an onion?

There are a variety of different sized Kitchen Islands that will fit the size and design of your kitchen. Or, if you are in the restaurant business, there are Commercial Kitchen Islands that can fit the specific needs of your business. From New York to California, from Texas to Florida, Kitchen Islands are a beneficial addition to any kitchen.

In deciding on a particular type of Kitchen Island, it is wise to first, measure the area where you want to have the island placed. You should take into consideration such items as other kitchen furniture you may have, and the amount of space you will need to walk around the island.

If you are thinking of having a large-sized, immobile island, you should be aware that large ones often become an entire remodeling job for your kitchen. More than likely, you will need to have gas or electric lines installed. Many large Kitchen Islands also have sinks. This would mean plumbing work. Sometimes, in addition to using your island for food preparation, it is convenient to add stools. This way, you can work on one side, and have people sitting and/or eating on the other.

There are many styles of counter tops that you can match to your kitchen decor.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Islands are extremely versatile. They are easily matched with any colors or styles you already have in place. Stainless Steel Kitchen Islands are also an excellent surface for preparing food, and cooling hot pans. Tile countertops are also versatile, and wood or granite is nice, but a little harder to match with decor.

If you don’t have as much room, a smaller-sized Kitchen Island is perfect. There is a lot of versatility with these also. They not only provide extra counter space…with wheels, they can be portable. A Butcher Block, for instance, could be wheeled into the dining room to serve fruit and cheese, buffet-style. A drop-leaf model would also be good for a smaller kitchen area.

Another space-saving attribute of large or small Kitchen Islands, is the availability of many types of storage areas. There are drawers for utensils or tools, there are cabinets with shelves for canned or boxed foods, cupboards to hold pots and pans. There is even a spice rack and a towel rack.

Every kitchen, personal or commercial, in New York, California, Texas, Florida…everywhere across the country, can use more storage and work space. Having a Kitchen Island is the best way to do it…for the least amount of money.

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