Become an Oriental Cook at Your Own Home with These Distinct Chinese Cooking Techniques

Chinese Cooking Techniques

Apart from Italian, Chinese dishes are one of the most globally favored dishes all over the world. You can order a takeout from the nearest Chinese restaurant. However, how about making your own Oriental dishes with these Chinese cooking techniques, it is more attractive, less costly and fun as well. Here are some techniques you can apply.

First is the steaming. Ever wonder why Chinese takeout you ordered tasted soft yet not raw at the same time. It is the Asian popular cooking method that plays the part in it, steaming. Steaming is used by Chinese to make food edible without losing the texture and come out as soft food that suits every season, especially during winter. Raw foods that usually are processed with steaming are dim sum, dumplings, vegetable, bun, and fish. Steaming is considered as the method that is healthiest to cook food. To steam, all you need is fresh and clean food material and pot with the filter or steaming pan.

The second is the combination of cooking and frying. We cannot deny that Asian is the master of complicated cooking method. Where Westerners are content with eating lazy medium rare and bland food, one of Chinese cooking techniques are combining the steaming and frying to get the most tasteful and richly flavored dishes. Usually, the food is heated to soften the texture or for marinating the flavor to reach the dark side of the food, and then the food is fried for tastier and richer taste. Foods that typically are processed with this technique is noodles, fried dumpling, stir fried vegetable, etc.

The third is braising. Braising has been of-of the most striking Chinese cooking techniques. It includes adding all the material to the pot and mix it with the flavor and water and then low heat them to keep it warm. Favorite dishes with this technique is chicken soup, beef with potatoes and some thick vegetables added into soup. This method requires aptness to the heat level and best for cold weather as it acts as well as a heater for food.

Before applying these techniques, decide which dishes you want to cook. For example, if you want to make some delicious dumplings, dumplings can be processed with steaming, cooking and frying or if you want some different taste, roasting is also possible. Also, prepare the utensils. Those are the standard Chinese cooking techniques you can try at home.