5 Reasons Why Working at Domino’s Pizza is Beneficial

Pizza Can Help You

Working at a fast food chain may not be ideal for older generations, but it can be a blessing in disguise if you realize the benefits of such a fast paced and flexible environment. Chains such as Domino’s Pizza can have a negative stigma attached as a young person’s job, where emotions may fly, and the attitude is too casual. However, in this economy, it is important to keep your options open and realize that you may have the potential to increase the productivity or even manage a franchise culminating success.

Domino’s Pizza has an interesting work structure that allows employees to make more money, manipulate their schedule, train for future business prospects, learn the layout of your community, and eat tasty meals at a discounted price. These five benefits can assist you if you are struggling, needing a change, or wanting to spend more time with your family. How you approach this endeavor is entirely based on your attitude and motivation. Domino’s Pizza has corporate and franchise stores, but for the purpose of this hub, we will focus on the franchise.

History Lesson

Domino’s Pizza has been in business since 1960 and has increased their reach to all around the world in excess of 10,000 stores. Founded by Tom Managhan (and his brother James Monaghan), Domino’s Pizza has expanded from its corporate side to franchises, giving individuals the opportunity to start their own businesses with guided and principled tactics and best practices. Over the years, Domino’s has increased their variety of food products from pizza to sandwiches, and pasta to desserts. Being named the #1 Pizza Delivery Company adds to its image and creates a welcoming tone for those who prefer delivery.

Domino’s gives back to the community by donating gift certificates, food items, and time to certain charities. Each franchise has the ability to choose how they would like to give back, but it must coincide with the corporate code of ethics and charity policies. Domino’s may see competition from Pizza Hut and the like, but it is here to stay as one of the nation’s top pizza companies.

Tips on Tips

Hourly wages are paid out to all employees, as well as reimbursements for mileage and the number of deliveries made during each shift. Other reimbursements, incentives, or bonuses are at the discretion of the franchise manager and differ from store to store. However, tips are always provided by the excellent customers Domino’s services. Tips are monies awarded to you at the time of delivery and can have a varied range depending on who you deliver to, how your customer skills are assessed, and the stability of the economy in your community. Normally, people who choose delivery over carry out will provide a tip, but you may run into a few who may not. Either way, tips add to your funds that can help cover the cost of refueling your vehicle (if you are not driving a company car), pay a small bill, or be saved towards another financial goal. Even a $1.00 tip can buy you dinner at McDonald’s if you so choose.

Tips change in quantity but are usually higher during night and weekend shifts. These shifts can account for two-thirds of all tips made during the week and can build if you have excellent customer skills. Additionally, according to a Bloomberg article, wages for certain chains such as Domino’s and McDonald’s may end up increasing the minimum from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour if a bill passes Congress under the Obama administration, putting more money in your pocket in addition to tips.

Flexible Schedule

Franchises have varied schedules depending on the market pace in the local community. Because of the varying trends of dining out during seasonal times, some stores develop schedule request forms for employees. These forms allow employees to request days to work for the shift they are hired for, in the event others need a specific day off. The manager then assembles the schedule and tries to do his or her best to allow for the employee’s needs to be met. This may not always happen in the employee’s favor, but it is flexible enough to give leeway when an employee is experiencing something outside of work.

As an employee moves up the “ranks”, they begin to have even more flexibility with their schedule because they have been able to rely on their team to execute operations without a constant micro-managing presence. This is not to say that there is not a manager available, but the need to refocus efforts is unnecessary if your team is responsible and effective.

Easy Ladder Climbing

The management training program that Domino’s provides is fairly easy to accomplish. The offer a step-by-step guide to enhancing your career efforts within the company. If you are focused and motivated to be a General Manager or Franchise Owner, then you will succeed. Staying on task is key to accomplishing the program and will move much faster and easier if you maintain a professional work ethic.

Again, it is important to work with your supervisors and any corporate officers during your management training. Without mentorship, the ability to successfully manage a franchise will be limited and could be detrimental. Managing a store of your own is the ultimate goal with this program and can increase your salary significantly, and range $35,000 – $70,000 a year as a General Manager. An owner’s salary will be much higher and vary across communities and marketplace.


Tired of always using your unreliable GPS, especially in rural areas? Being a delivery driver at Domino’s Pizza gives you the opportunity to find places you never even knew existed in your town. After several months, or even a couple of years, you will be able to immediately determine where a building or neighborhood is, decreasing your drive time and risk of making a delivery mistake, thereby increasing the probability of a higher tip.

This is skill set is not meant to be used to track people in your “I’m moonlighting as a private detective” downtime. This skill set is crucial for making deliveries on time, navigating shortcuts, and executing quality customer service. These skills can also be attributed to other job opportunities involving local navigational techniques, should you ever choose to leave the company.

Employee Discount

What’s the point of working anywhere without an employee discount of some sort? Domino’s Pizza offers employee discounts for all purchases. This discount can range depending on the franchise owner but can be 20% – 50% of the regular price item. In doing so, Domino’s adds to its revenues, creates a customer marketing strategy through employees, and helps employees provide convenient dinner options. Of course, there are limits to the employee discounts and should be abided by all employees. The discount is to balance out the cost of the food plus operational production, without labor.

In conclusion, working at Domino’s Pizza can give you some flexibility and added financial opportunity if you play your cards right. Eliminate the stigma that it is considered a “fast food” chain, and realize the potential that it can provide for you. In this economy, it’s important to reconsider what options you do have, even if your educational experience is substantial, and understand the possibility of possibility. Working does not have to be working when you are working at Domino’s Pizza.

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