3 Unique Cooking Methods Worth to Try for Tasty Meal

With the advance of kitchen appliances, cooking is an easy task for some people. Here are some unique cooking methods worth to try at your kitchen or even at everywhere. It’s straightforward and easy, yet ones that you would never predict as cooking techniques. Let’s get down to the list.

Dashboard Cookies


You may lol’d at this one, but it will guarantee you an easy way to bake cookies. All you need to prepare are dough for your cookies, your car, and tray. First, you need to park your car that gets enough sunlight and makes sure the temperature is at least 35 Celsius degree. Put the tray with the cookies and close the vehicle door. Let your car sit for a while. Wait for about 15 minutes. The cookies are successfully baked, not as brown as when using the oven, but you’ll be surprised with the taste.

Homemade Ice Cream


You can enjoy the sweet flavor and cooling sensation of ice cream on your house with only a few appliances and simple methods. If you are already familiar with dry ice, we will use it as one of unique cooking methods to make homemade, uniquely made ice cream. What you need to prepare are dry ices, custard, some flavor to enrich your ice cream taste and a bowl. First, crush the dry ices until they become a fine powder of ice. Prepare a bowl and add custard into it. Now, pour the fine powder of dry ices. Also, don’t forget to add some flavor into it. Whisk it until it appears to be a decent ice cream you usually see in the supermarket.

Tasty Tender Chicken


Roasted chicken, if we don’t use the right method, will not result in tender, juicy chicken but only scorched chicken skin but barely cooked meat. Now there is an easy way to make your dream of tender roasted chicken. If you happen to have beer bottles, don’t throw them out. You can use these bottles to help the chicken to get cooked evenly. This is where you need to apply one of unique cooking methods. Insert a fully opened beer can to the butt of the chicken. Sounds weird, right? But it is scientifically logical since the metal in the beer can is a good heat conductor.

Have those three unique cooking methods blown your mind? There is only one way to prove whether those odd cooking methods are worth your time and will give you a good taste of the meal.