3 Cheap Travel Destinations Around the Globe

Cheap Travel Destinations

Do you like to travel around the world? If you like to do that, of course, the information about cheap travel destinations that you can get will be something that very surprising and make you happy because of it. There are some destinations around the world that can provide you great journey in traveling and also make you spend only small amount of money. What are the destinations that we have in this occasion? Here is the information for you.

George Town, Malaysia

The first one is George Town, Malaysia. This place is the heaven for those people who love to do the culinary while traveling. You can find many kinds of culinary in this place, especially the culinary from Malay, Indian, and also Chinese. If you want to try, you can come to this place. You can get the food with only about $2-3 and for the fruit juice which can make you fresh, you only need to spend about $1.

Xi’an, China

Then, the next cheap travel destinations is Xi’an in China. If the first place talks about culinary, this destination will bring you who are history and culture lovers to the great traveling in this place. You also can get the cheap food here. The transportation that you can get is also cheap, it is only about $1 for the local bus.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain becomes the next list of the cheap destinations for traveling that you can get. You can buy beer with $2 and you can spend your $10 then you will get many bottles of cava. Besides the food, you will also get the beautiful scenery of Barcelona without spending too much budget. Those three destinations are included as the cheap destination to travel.

So, you can go there if you want to try the cheap travel destinations to spend your free schedule.

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